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    [b]Exchanges Information [/b]

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    Here is a little more information on what has been proposed:

    This will be a place where you can get information on Exchanges currently trading FTC. The sort of information included would be coins traded by the exchange, the transaction and withdrawal fees and contact details/links.

    You, as users of these exchanges can also submit reviews of your trading experiences to moderators, along with some details to confirm you actually used the exchange of course. The Exchange would be given an opportunity to respond to any reviews, positive or negative, and hopefully this will help them see us as a valuable resource for them too as a means of interacting with the FTC community.

    Of course, there will also be opportunity for you to post discussions on exchanges in general in the spirit of open discussion found on these forums.

    Please feel free to add things you’d like to see in this area, as well as any other comments on this feature.

    We’re listening, help us make this useful to YOU!

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    I just thought I’d better introduce myself properly before I go any further.

    I’m Stefan Pynappels and I’m the Exchange Information Coordinator. This means I collect information on Exchanges and Brokers who trade FTC, for other cryptocoins and fiat currency.
    I’m based in the UK, am a geek and love technology, having been messing with computers for 25 years. I sent my first email in 1988 from a BBC Microcomputer in primary school when I was 8.
    I work for a large multinational providing 2nd and 3rd level Tech Support, with a focus on a specific subset of products, basically I fix specialised Unix and Linux based systems which speed up the internet for mobile devices. I dabble in systems design and management for charities in some of my spare time and am a dedicated penguin fan, using Ubuntu for all my computing. Open Source has always seemed natural to me and is one of the reasons I was attracted to cryptocurrencies in the first place. What brought me to Feathercoin was a new pool opening up run by the same people as ran the Litecoin pool I was mining in, and what kept me here was and is the community.

    If you have any questions or ideas on cryptocoin exchanges or brokers, throw them at me and we’ll see where they take us. Welcome aboard, and thanks for your participation.


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    Nevermind what I posted here just before… I was confused 😛