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Feathercoin Lottery

  • | Tip micah

    Feathercoin Lottery!!!
    Here are the new specifications!
    1/12 chances of winning.
    10ftc prize.
    1ftc per ticket.

    Any problems or suggestions just pm me.
    If this takes off I will make another site with crazier odds.

  • | Tip micah

    Draws take place as soon as all 12 tickets are sold, this is completely automated

  • Spammer Banned | Tip Kevlar

    Just a friendly reminder:

    Games like this, while often fun, cannot be made demonstrably fair. There’s no way to prove that the drawing isn’t rigged. The site operator can walk away with your funds at any time.

    Since the OP is brand new to our forums, there’s no way to establish any sort of reputability either. So while this may be legit, as we’ve seen in the past FTC is frequently the target of scammers who wish to separate us from our money, and this wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done it using gambling as a ruse.

    So while a few brave souls might be willing to try this out, I’d suggest extreme caution. Don’t give anything you can’t lose, and don’t blame us if you never see your money again.

    To the OP: The FTC community is a tight-knit one, and we protect our own. While we’re the FIRST to frequent any merchants who support FTC, we’ve also had a number of spanking when trusting people too soon, and we’ve come to establish a few policies, like that we don’t suggest anyone trust someone who isn’t already an established member of our community. We welcome your contribution, and we want to see you succeed in your venture, so with that in mind, I humbly suggest that you take the time to join our community and establish yourself as someone who regularly makes contributions to the ecosystem that is the Feathercoin community: I’m sure your marketing efforts will be much more effective once you’ve been posting regularly for a few months. We’re always looking for talented individuals to support with our patronage such as yourself.