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\[WTB\] FTC in bulk for around 70 BTC

  • | Tip Ftcftw21


    I want to buy FTC in bulk for around 70 BTC.

    PM me your best offer.

    The transaction will go through a trusted escrow.

  • | Tip wes

    Now a FC hit 0.002 BTC … I don’t think anyone made 35000 FCs yet. 😃
    What escrow would you use? There are so many comming and going …

  • | Tip Ftcftw21


    I was thinking of using Chriswen on BTCTalk, he was the escrow for FTC/LTC transactions on the “google exchange”.

    Even if you have less but are willing to sell in bulk, PM me.

  • Regular Member | Tip zerodrama

    We’re looking to decouple from dollars and BTC is strongly coupled to dollars.

    We desperately need currencies that make it possible not to care what bankers do with the dollar. If people want to ride the wobbly merry-go-round that’s their choice. We’re getting out from under their heel.

    Bulk orders are great, just try to think of them in terms of how many GPUs can I get, or how many Superman comics can I get. Even if you are trading BTC for FTC, consider how many BTCers are selling cars versus how many FTCers are selling cars or perhaps car parts. Try to keep fiat limited to paying for shipping or cellphone minutes.

    Also in the same vein, 0.002 is a meaningless number. It’s only 0.002 because traders are buying and selling currencies at exchanges that get low traffic. However, currency trade is a rather fidgety and impulsive activity that overshadows the longer term goals of people who would rather just get on with doing business.

    I think you’ll find few people want to sell their FTC for 0.002 BTC, or $0.20. If there’s a gift card or product involved that might be an option.

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