Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.18.1
Old daemon and wallet version

\[POOL\] tailfeather.cc 0% FeatherCoin Pool. PPLNS, Idle Notification, Rock Solid

  • | Tip Bigfeather

    Hi !

    I’m announcing a new FeatherCoin (FTC) Pool which is currently at 0% Fee and still under development but went trough lots of testing and works good so far.

    I’m adding Idle Worker Notification soon, Stratum Support is also on its way, I’m on a really fast box in germany, hosted in a big data center, so european users should mostly benefit.

    Payout scheme is PPLNS.

    Register / Mine for freee here:

    Mining with LP using Reaper/Cgminer/… @ http://de1.tailfeather.cc:8336

  • | Tip Bigfeather

    Just wanted to let you know that things are going very well, will implement stratum soon.

    Anyone got problems at all ? Stales okay ?

  • | Tip Punkonjunk

    Looking forward to stratum! I was hopping between a lot of pools to find one that wouldn’t spit errors at me constantly. This is what i finally landed on, after trying literally everything; no stratum, but my stale rate is VERY low! less than 1%, hash rates correct on website. Very happy with your pool! All things go well and auto withdraws work and I’m sure I’ll be here for a while.

    What I’m excited for is stratum, and hey, throw up one of them graphs. I like to look at graphs! it also REALLY helps me see at what point I went down.

    stratum helps a lot, utorrent+not stratum makes my shitty motorola gateway really mad.

  • Banned | Tip storm11

    shifted some hashing power your way, hopefully your pool is stable compared to the few I’ve tried so far.

  • | Tip peonminer

    Sorry to go off topic(sort of), but can someone explain stratum to me in laymen’s terms? Or link me to the best information-in-one-spot link?

    Thanks :o :o :o

  • | Tip ShadowEW

    [quote name=“peonminer” post=“696” timestamp=“1367593935”]
    Sorry to go off topic(sort of), but can someone explain stratum to me in laymen’s terms? Or link me to the best information-in-one-spot link?

    Thanks :o :o :o

    This is the best compiled source of information I’ve ever read in relation to Stratum ( http://mining.bitcoin.cz/stratum-mining/ ). May not be in laymens terms and some reading will be required. 😛

  • | Tip peonminer

    Thank you Shadow,

    I forgot to add, laymen’s term for me is advanced computer knowledge compiled. 😉

  • | Tip peonminer

    [quote]Installing the proxy is pretty trivial:

    Download official Windows binaries (EXE) or source package for Linux.
    [u][i][b]Run downloaded file. Console window will appear and proxy automatically connects to the pool. No command-line parameters required.[/b][/i][/u]
    Now just change the URL in your miners from http://api.bitcoin.cz/ to http://localhost:8332/. Miners connect to the proxy using the old protocol, but the proxy talks to the pool by the new one!
    If you have more mining rigs on the same location, you can connect all of them towards this one mining proxy. It means that on every other mining rig you will replace the URL http://api.bitcoin.cz:8332/ by http://IP_OF_PROXY_COMPUTER:8332/ .
    You’re done now! If you configured everything properly, you’ll see share submissions in the proxy window.[/quote]

    Can someone answer how your stratum knows what pool you are choosing to use??

  • | Tip Firestrm_ZA

    I first tried feather is a geek. had some issues.

    now using tailfeather and happy days! Keep up the good work big feather 😛

  • | Tip Bigfeather

    I just wanted to mention that a botnet tried to mine at the pool today and made the load go up quite high (from 0.01 to 0.80 where 1.00 is max) within one hour.

    Stales were a little higher in this phase unfortunately.

    I’ve banned the botnet user (yes, he will not get paid).

    Just a short note on that botnet miners:
    You are a big problem for the mining community, the users on the pool have problems because of you, I get problems with the servers, with my provider and if everything goes wrong probably also with the law…

    The zombie machines you have infected seem to mine with cpu… According to the hashrates I see from these connections. (between 0.5 -> 40khash/s) [b]It is pointless to mine on tailfeather.cc with cpu[/b] as the min diff is 64 and producing a share with this diff in reasonable time is only possible with hashrates (per miner) > 200 kHash/s

    So all you basically do is a DDoS of the pool… Nothing else…

    Please do something else.