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CryptoCurrencies - A Free Market? Ehhh, not so much.

  • | Tip Tuck Fheman

    When I first became interested in Cryptocurrencies, it was because I saw it as a free market with healthy competition.

    Now that I’ve seen the underbelly of crypto’s, I see that just like in the real world the big boys (aka … assholes of the world) don’t like, don’t want and will do everything they can to destroy a free market from blossoming.

    Free markets mean competition or at the least [b]a framework that allows for new entrants.[/b]

    While new entrants are popping up in crypto’s weekly, they are usually not welcome and are targeted by fanboy’s for destruction in trollboxes, forums, keyword hijacking campaigns, fake websites, DDoS attacks and when all else fails … a 51% attack and market control.

    This completely goes against logic and the inherent reason for Bitcoin’s existence in the first place. Bitcoin big players have taken on the bankster-gangster mentality and their ego’s have inflated to the point where they believe [b]they[/b] get to decide which coin(s) will succeed.

    It’s all about hashpower and e-peen. The bigger the hash rate, the bigger the e-peen power they feel they have. They believe they are G-ds in the cryptoworld … and [b]they need to find out their not G-ds[/b].

    Otherwise, they will destroy everything cryptocurrencies were meant to be … [b]FREE FROM CONTROL.[/b]

  • | Tip Tuck Fheman

    I’m not a YAN fanboy, but you cannot deny that when they get people behind a cause, things happen. YAN’s down w/free markets and I’m sure (quite sure) plenty would be supportive of an effort to out these crypto-terrorist that are attempting to destroy a blossoming free market by pretending to have some sort of authoritah. It is my belief that it is time these few learn how little authoritah they actually have over this free market.