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Is it just me that is seeing a pattern on Cryptsy?

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    Is it just me or has others noticed a pattern on Cryptsy to try and drive down the price on FTC?

    Lots of sells for near identical amounts.

    Lots of small amounts for sale stepping down the price and when you buy them up a new lot appears to step down the price again.

    Or am I just seeing patterns where there isn’t any?

  • Regular Member | Tip voingiappone

    I don’t know… that may be possible.

    I’ve noticed that all the price curves for almost all the coins (at least the prominent ones) have the very same shape… or a really similar one so I had the sensation that a pattern could be found there.

  • Regular Member | Tip Flobdeth

    I used to use the auto sell feature on Cryptsy, so My coins would go straight up for sale from the pool (yes I know that’s not wise, but was before I knew better)

    It sends always the same amount, sells on an even timescale…ish, so you will get consistent orders for roughly the same amount popping up all the time

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