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\[Exchange\] Cryptsy Info and Review

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    [glow=red,2,300][b]Cryptsy Cryptocoin Exchange[/b][/glow]


    FTC can be traded against BTC

    [u][b]Transaction Fees:[/b][/u]

    In order to pay for server space, bandwidth, programmers, designers, and other costs, Cryptsy imposes a standard: Fee â€" 0.25% fee on every transaction performed by all users of the website. This transaction may vary and may be different for each individual account.

    [u][b]Withdrawal Fees:[/b][/u]

    See above.

    [b]UPDATE:[/b] Cryptsy now have an API to get Market Data and Orderbook Data in JSON format. There is a public as well as an authenticated method of getting the data.

    See [url=https://www.cryptsy.com/pages/api]https://www.cryptsy.com/pages/api[/url] for further information.