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  • Hi there,
    we decide to put this betting site online where you can place bets on your favorite matches!

    It is very simple, no registration required,
    when selecting the match you are interested in, you will have 3 addresses where you can send coin.
    Every address present biding options, like:
    1 - represent placing bets for the First tim;
    X - represent placing bets for the Draw;
    2 - represent placing bets for the Second tim;
    every transaction can be seen on match page, with information about bets, estimated earnings, wining or loosing bet, adress coin was sended from.
    Return On Investment (ROI) is bigger with more people betting, see -> FAQ for more info
    Visit us @ Bet on WorldCup matches

    Also we want to give opportunity to other coins, so we will have one day in a week called “Other Coins Day” where some matches will be available for beting with other coin, FTC is selected coin, so there is one more place where you can spend FTC and win more 🙂

    Feel free to post here, any community feedback is highly appreciated

  • **First 10 deposits/bets on FTC will receive 5 FTC extra bonus, **​

    for withdrawing the main stake+bonus you have to bet whole amount 3 times.
    If sending the bets directly (without depositing) bonus will be added to main stake, if your bet is wining one your coins will be added to your deposit, if you want to bet on another game just send from same address amount of 0.01 FTC and whole wining bet amount will be included in bet;

    you send 10 ftc on bet where odds are 2.0, on match page it will be shown as 10+5 FTC (where 5 FTC is bonus) so your total betting amount is 15 FTC;
    your bet is wining one so you get 15x2.0 total of 30 FTC, and your wining bet (30 FTC) now become your deposit;
    now you want to bet on another match, just send from the same adress 0.01 FTC and your beting amount will be 30+0.01 FTC… and so on…

    if you do a deposit, you can do it from PC wallet, web wallet or exchange, and no need from sending 0.01 coin amount for the next bet, simply you will send email and that is it, all transactions are shown on match detail page

    multiple deposits from same address will receive bonus only on first deposit

  • visit us, we change our look, also great bonuses for first deposit/bet is available (2 FTC on first 25 bets/deposits)

  • Regular Member

    i saw under construction only 😞

  • New look, supporting DRK, FTC, MAX, visit us and tell Us what you think about new look 🙂

    Any suggestions/ feedback would be appreciated

    FTC promotion: +2 FTC coin on every bet
    MAX promotion: +2 MAX coin on every bet

    Wisit [email protected]

  • UltraCoin (UTC) coin added


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