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Selling G-blade 5.2MHs units for FTC!!!

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    Hiya all, I have 2x gridseed G-Blades for sale, Both are running fine and running stock, these will come with USB lead and a 6-pin PCI-e to barrel connector to allow powering them from a ATX psu.

    I would like to open an opportunity to sell these for FTC!

    These are located in the UK, And Shipping is free to UK!

    You will have to add a little for posting within E.U. Please no one from outside E.U.

    These are available new for $449, But remember we have to pat import duties!

    I can sell each unit for only 11K FTC, This is based on $400 value at $0.03622 latest price per coin!

    Grab a bargin $50 cheaper and NO import duty, Plus free shipping for UK.

    I can deal for the two WITH E.U. shipping for 23K FTC

    Now for the terms, I will not post first, I have uber rep on bitcointalk.org, (feel free to message me there to varify it is me) I will work through escrow, I really do not mess people about, and expect the same back.

    I can post pics on request, or answer any questions.


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    Why don’t you list it in FTC market?

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    Because I want to give first dibs to people here 😉

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    Now sold, Thanks 🙂

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