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  • | Tip sixsic6

    on a low khash cpu miner how many threads should i run? I have a bit of experience mining bitcoins with guiminer and am using feathercoinqt and also my khashs dropped 80 percent about 1 share into pooled mining…

  • Regular Member | Tip d2

    Don’t use the built in miner. Get poolers cpu miner, or ScryptMiner-Gui. Considering you have low khash, I would highly recommend you join a pool. Your threads for optimal mining can be the same as however many cores you have in your machine, however, I recommend setting it 1-2 lower than your available cores if you want to use your computer at the same time. Just play around with that and see what is responding well for you.

    If you need more instructions, you can see the Getting Started link of my pool: [url=http://ftc.d2.cc/gettingstarted]http://ftc.d2.cc/gettingstarted[/url]

  • | Tip sixsic6

    Thanks for the info, shoulda mentioned that i gleaned the scryptminer part from another section of the forum and i signed up for a pool, thanks again