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NeoScrypt GPU Miner (Closed)

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    calem, what do you mean no harm? 😃 A CUDA miner is an absolute must!!! The Nvidia cards are much more versatile and can be used for much more applications than just mining. I am all for a cuda miner. Id be more than happy to throw the amd gpus and mine with an nvidia instead. Would pledge 2 mil UFO but wont be able to deliver then until late september… probably will be able to borrow tho

    Hi all,

    The new NVIDIA Maxwell chipset uses much much less power than the AMD equivalent. Also they have ironed out problems regarding slow computation that made the previous generation chipset so poor at mining.

    In the UK you can buy a 750Ti for just over £100 that will give you around 265kHashes/s scrypt using 60 watts. It also will run much cooler so less power required for cooling also.

    I believe the high-end maxwell GPU cards are scheduled to become available in September. So long as NVIDIA don’t set too high a price for the cards I would expect a lot of miners to switch, especially where electricity is expensive.

    Regarding openCL compatibility, the CUDA SDK includes OpenCL (1.1?) support. I’ve just had a quick look at a sample of code and the C API looks similar (but not completely identical) to that implemented by AMD (small things like oclGetPlatformID rather than clGetPlatformID).

    Regarding the actual .cl code I’m still not up on enough to fully comment, but I would expect identical or at worst minor changes for a non-optimised solution (for AMD and NVIDIA). However, when it comes to writing optimised openCL code then this could diverge. For example I think I read somewhere that with AMD 79** GPUs it’s best to use the int4 vector type to ensure maximum use of GPU resources. With other GPU architectures this might not be the case, hence we could end up with, once optimisation is performed, maybe opencl code for AMD, and a different one for NVIDIA.

    Of course, first we have to get a first working version of a openCL based miner. Optimisations will come later I would guess.



    Ref: http://cryptomining-blog.com/922-the-new-nvidia-geforce-gtx-750-ti-scrypt-mining-performance/

  • | Tip daimyo

    Thats right! I am an ardent nvidia advocate too because you can do lots of things with a ge force. Next stop should def be a cuda miner.

  • | Tip null

    my 2 780ti’s are just dying to have a crack too.

    You know what I miss… Tweaking miners…

    I personally believe I hold the world record for r9 270 hashing on scrypt… 😃

  • | Tip daimyo

    my 2 780ti’s are just dying to have a crack too.

    You know what I miss… Tweaking miners…

    I personally believe I hold the world record for r9 270 hashing on scrypt… 😃

    I can get max 415mhs on my asus 270x … what do you get?

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    Nice 🙂

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    Soooo can’t wait to start tweaking!

    F’Twerking… Tweaking is where it has always been @!

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    Hey… don’t suppose we have a windows compile yet?

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    Congratulations Andre and thank you for all your hard work!

    I know there is still more to be done, but you have already more than earned the bounty!

  • | Tip vehre

    Thanks to Calem I got paid the bounty of

    1.9 BTC and

    5,500,000 UFO (,which came out to be really 7,000,000 UFO).

    Thanks for the management Calem.

    I will continue to support the GPU miner and improve its speed.

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    Thanks for all the hard work you have put in for the GPU miner

  • | Tip Lukey_p

    Thanks for the hard work sir!

    Do we get a chance to play with the GPU miner too?

    By the look of JimCrow: he already has it mining PXC…


    Look at the top miner. That much with CPU power… i doubt it!

  • Regular Member | Tip tmuir12

    GPU miner will be released soon, the bounty has been paid as a significant milestone was reached, but there still is some miner tweaking to do.

    Knowing who the GPU miner has been released to I would say JimCrow is still using CPUs, but obviously has a significant farm :o

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