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Feathervine Auction! - Limited! Celebrate NeoScrypt

  • | Tip ChekaZ

    Hello lovely Feathercoiners!

    This is an auction for ONE bottle of limited Feathercoin Vine. Its one of the limited Edition back in November were only 25 were avaiable.

    Iam selling this out of my own stock to celebrate the upcoming NeoScrypt switch and giving new/old Members the very last chance to get one.


    (preview picture: The one in the Auction is Numbered and signed)

    About the Auction:

    Start: 21.10.2014 15:00 CEST

    End: Feathercoin Block 432000

    Type: Silent Auction

    Only _FeathercoinBids _are Accepted!

    How does Silent Auction work?

    If you want to bid you have to send me (ChekaZ) a forum PM with your bid in it.

    In a Silent Auction you cant see what other bidders are bidding.

    Highest Bid wins when block 432000 is mined.

    You are able to ReBid if you want to raise your bid.

    Any Questions left? Feel free to post under this Post.


    So here are the facts:

    limited to 25

    **(This is one of them)


    Worldwide shipping**

    (Russia excluded had too much trouble with shipping the last time sorry.)

    Numbered and signed by me

    (Going to add the Number of this bottle to this post when Iam home again.)

    The price does not include shipping expanses.

    Shipping prices will be calculated afterwards into Feathercoins.

    Standard DHL Package. (No tracking number included - but its addable for fee)

    Germany 3.99€

    EU 8.70€

    World 15.79€

    About the vine:
    Typical Franconian wine!
    2012 Silvaner - dry

    Designer: iawgoM
    Printer: Alexander Dahms

  • | Tip mirrax

    Message sent

  • | Tip mirrax

    maybe you can make it semi-secret by updating no. of biders?

  • | Tip ChekaZ

    Giving an update out tomorrow how many bidders are in.

  • | Tip ChekaZ

    3 bids so far.

  • | Tip mirrax

    Few blocks before auction ends 🙂

  • | Tip ChekaZ

    Auction over, winner got a PM.

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