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[Guide] How to use Feathercoins Multi Signature Address Page

  • Mirrax tell me that he doesn’t know how to use multi-signature. I think most people have the same problem,so I develop a MultiSig Page in core wallet.

    How to use MultiSig?

    STEP ONE : Create Multisig Address

    1.To create a m-of-n multisig address, we need n public keys. You can easily get public key with respect to your address. For example, to create a 2-of-3 multisig address, you can get one public key from Mirrax’s wallet address (yourself), and another form Lizhi’s wallet address and Calem’s wallet address.

    2.Now we can create our multisig address in “Sending addresses page”, Click “New MultiSig”

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    Then fill in each public keys from step 1.

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    3.Click “Create” button ,You can find the newly created multisig address on “Addresses” and export this multisig address to your partner.You must send the .msa file to your partner.


    4.Calem or Lizhi imports the .msa file and create the same multisig address.


    STEP TWO : Send to multisig address

    Send to multisig address is identical to your normal transaction, just provide your multisig address as recipient. Mirrax send 0.2 ftc to his multisig address.


    tx info :

    Then Mirrax’s multisig addresses have 0.2 FTC.

    STEP TWO : Spend from multisig address

    Here we’ll describe how John and Jason spend Txcoin from their 2-of-2 multisig address. This transaction needs to be signed with two private keys, one is hold by Mirrax, the other by Calem or Lizhi.

    1.And now Mirrax and Calem can review their balance of their multisig addresses.

    Mirrax’s wallet, He click “Sign” button.


    Mirrax want to spend his FTC to me in his multisig addresses. Send 0.05 FTC to Lizhi’s normal address.


    2. Mirrax starts creating transaction from the 2-of-3 multisig address.They each has a private key of that address in their wallet. Mirrax signs the transaction with his private key, and export the raw transaction. Mirrax then needs to send this raw transaction to Calem(Email, BitMessage, SMS…).

    Mirrax export the raw transaction.


    3.Calem imports this raw transaction, he can see the transaction is already signed by a private key. Mirrax reviews the transactions and sign with his private key.

    If Calem agree to send me 0.05 ftc, He click “Sign” buttom too.



    4. Now the transaction is signed by two private keys. Calem can simply click “Send” to broadcast the transaction.



    I receive their 0.05 FTC. very happy :))


    tx info :

    **Old Post: **

    Multisignature wallet, implementation and issues.

  • How to copy your public key ?

    In Receiving addresses page,Choose your address and click “Copy Public Key”.


  • Feathercoin core wallet with New MultiSig Page

  • Scammer

    Thanks so much Lizhi, I believe lot of people are curious about multisig.

    I will test it later today.

    I will send you some FTC for your hard work.

  • That’s fantastic thankyou lizhi.

  • Regular Member

    I’ll have to play with this later, Ive wanted to try multisig but never knew how to begin. Thanks!!!

  • I have pushed codes ti github,

    download source code, git clone -b 0.9.3 git:// ftc093a

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

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    i have good idea to add into wallet

    to add menu choice so users can make wallet launch automatically with PC start

    maybe like: Support network >> Launch at startup

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    Hi Lizhi,

    I see max require 3 of 3.

    We need 4 of 7 for our new development fund.

    Is it possible to scale this feature a bit?

    Thank you

  • Easy.