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    [u][b][Moderator Note: Please use this thread to tell us about new Exchanges opening up and accepting Feathercoin. Thanks for your help!][/b][/u]

    hi, this site opend up today, Looks good, but ofcause not much traffic for now.


    What i still missing and really want is a Exchange that even my mother could do.
    She would never Register on those 1000 sites where you put Money in than Transfer to a brokersite, than buy…neither would an Investor. A big deal would be a simple way to buy with banktransfer or PayPal, and see an FTC/USD or FTC/euro somewhere, FTC/USD on btc-e would be a Major update, but not enough because buing in there is still stupid.

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    my fav exchange is btce

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    The biggest problem i see is to be able to buy ftc when you do not have any other digital currency to trade with.
    Its do not give the average person the satisfactory/easiness when having to do a manual bank transfer to some russian bank which takes several days
    before recieving the USD to the exchange so he will be able to purchase the ftc.

    An exchange with support for easy transfer (paypal, google wallet) and so on would really be a step in the right direction.
    As of now when i want to cash out some ftc (not much), i trade it for btc on btc-e, then transfer the btc to bitstamp, where i then sell the btc for easy manual bank transfer to my account.

    This is just to heavy, at least for my grandma…

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    I’m new to the whole crypto currency world, and the whole topic of currency exchanges and funds transfers seems to be the most challenging part of the process. Setting up a wallet and beginning mining was very easy, but actually being able to do anything with the coins I’m collecting seems daunting in comparison.

    I was hoping to find more generally commentary from Feathercoin community members on which exchanges they prefer to use, what the ups and downs are with their preferred exchanges, and opinions about which exchanges to avoid (and why).

    It looks like vircurex.com is the only exchange where Feathercoin can be bought and sold directly for USD, but the convenience comes at the cost of significantly higher fees compared to other exchanges. On the other hand, having to convert FTC to BTC to be able to do anything with it, particularly in the midst of BTC’s current rollercoaster-like valuation changes, seems like it would have plenty of pitfalls as well.

    I’m one noob who’d appreciate a thorough general overview of the world of coin exchanges as well as specifics with regard to Feathercoin in particular.

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    Well I’ve used btc-e but only to pass in bitcoins and convert to feathercoins its quite a nice setup but I would not like to try and jump through the hoops to convert pounds sterling into USD or whatever. I do also use crypto-trade as shown above its a really well built site and they offer FTC/BTC and also FTC/USD among others. If your in the UK I would suggest buying BTC through bittylicious.com and then moving them in to any exchange you like. (But within the next few weeks you will be able to buy FTC on bittylicious)

    I’ve never tried cashing out yet but when I do want to I think I’ll just join bittylicious as a seller or BTC or FTC seems like an easier option. As its instant and in the right currency.

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    How do I start this.
    First this is a journey/trip, not a destination, that continues on forever, however long that is.
    So some of the exchanges will come and go. Maybe even some of the now existing crypto-currencies will disappear.
    But, I do not think all the crypto currencies will fade away. “The genie is out of the bottle,” goes the saying.
    The peoples of the world have long needed an accepted currency/s that is P2P. The long awaited one world
    currency. Only the ptb didn’t have in mind the way it is arriving is my thinking.
    From earlier posts on this site, I have saved this web address for those interested in the US Dollar.
    Sure, I think that others will be created, but for now: Jan 1 2014 [url=http://www.fasbit.com/]http://www.fasbit.com/[/url]
    I know nothing more than what you can see and the information for this came from this web site
    in earlier posts. Don’t remember the location that the conversation is found. Sorry