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Online list of active p2pool nodes available

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    There is a realtime list of working p2pool nodes availabe on

    The list contains the uptime, node fees, pool hashrate and location of the pool

    To mine using a p2pool node no account is required. Just use your feathercoin address as username and any password.

    an example for cgminer:

    cgminer --neoscrypt -O <your feathercoin address>:xx -u

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    Who maintains this list/site?

    I saw on a Bitcoin p2pool list once where on loading the page it would test the latency from the end user to each pool and display it on the page in a sortable list. It would be nice to add that here. Also, how would one add a pool to this list?

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    It’s maintained by me.
    It is more or less a crawler running on nodejs, that uses the peer list of an initial specified p2pool node to determine the active p2pool nodes.

    The code can be found at

    There is no manual ‘adding’ of nodes, as every node that is part of the p2pool cloud and has the interface running on the default tcp port (19327) is added to the list.

    To test the latency from the end user to the different 2pool nodes is a nice idea. It could be done with some javascript running in the end users web browser, but I’m not sure how to merge the results into the existing table.

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    Have you got “issues” set off in Github on the pool scanner? I noticed there was no feathercoin.png in resources and was going to raise an issue, before seeing if it’s easy to fix?

    Also, would be interesting to create an IP list, that we could then run through a script for further analysis. I sort of failed with nslookup, I was trying to do for FTCForumTools - but it could be Text" replaced with ping, or some / various other appropriate IP analysis tools?

    usage : sudo ./IPBlocklist-nslookup >> nslookup -type=ns.out
    rm nslookup -type=ns.out

    nslookup -type=ns XXX.93.26.10
    nslookup -type=ns XXX.93.34.214
    nslookup -type=ns XXX.215.253.186
    nslookup -type=ns XXX.227.1.237

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    the feathercoin.png and phoenixcoin.png are in the dev-branch
    will be available at next merge 🙂

    not sure if I understand the nslookup stuff

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    Wow, quick work on the fixes 😉

    About creating a text list of IPs : if the p2pool scanner can produce a IP list, then that could be run as a script to ping the IPs or give other information (like I was trying to do with a nslookup script). …

    That is : instead of adding a ping functionality in the code itself, create a list which can be run as a script to do ping or some other task on each IP…

    It looked a bit weird because the MD interferes with Bash ! “#”

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    @Wellenreiter I came across this: that gives the ping times to the pools. For some reason only a few pools are listed.

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    I’ve seen the site, I think.
    they show only pools in a radius of < 120000 km from your detected location, but still I don’t see all sites I’d expect.

    In general the problem is, that javascript doesn’t have a ping function build in.
    I’m not sure how they worked around that problem.
    The ping has to come from your PC, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense, so it must be triggered from your web browser through javascript embedded in the web page.

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    Just found a js snipplet implementing a kind of ping.

    I will try to implement that for the scanner code

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    @Wellenreiter Site seems to be down?

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    it looks like a script stopped working.

    Will fix it today

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    It’s back.

    The scanner had lost all nodes. Not sure why…


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