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[Guide] FeatherCoin - Mining Using GUIMiner-scrypt(For windows OS Vista/7/8)

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    GUIMiner-scrypt(For windows OS Vista/7/8) Newbie guide for “pool mining”

    Please read this first http://forum.feathercoin.com/index.php?topic=486 to know everything.

    Now after reading that, we can now proceed.

    1 - Download GUIMiner-scrypt [url=http://mc2.xwebnetwork.com/storage/guiminer-scrypt_win32_binaries_v0.04.zip]HERE[/url]
    2 - after downloading, locate where you downloaded it and right click the "guiminer-
    3 - click "Extract Files…"
    4 - press Enter key or click "OK"
    5 - wait till extraction is done.
    6 - open the extracted folder
    7 - locate and open “guiminer” or "guiminer.exe"
    8 - Fill-out all fields like these.


    9 - you need to create an account with a pool. here is the list of pools http://coinpools.sdfg.org/ftc.

    • Here my pool is wemineftc.com
    • for Host and Port. Login your account and “Getting Started” page.
    • for Username and Password. Go to My Account > My Workers.
    • you don’t need to put “http://” on Host field.
    • for Thread concurrency, Vectors, GPU threads, Worksize and Intesity, just click GPU Defaults dropdown and select the type of your GPU.
    • you can change the Intensity on your desire. but reminder that while increasing the Intensity your computer became unstable.
      10 - now click “start” botton to start mining.
    • to confirmed that you are already mining you should see something at the buttom like:
      Shares: # accepted - last at time
      and your speed “Khash/s”

    =========== DONE ==============

    Your questions, comments and suggestions are highly appreciated…