Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version

Official FTC Newsletter 35

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    Core 0.9.3 is official FTC release now, 0.9.5 avaliable for testing
    Wellenreiter has done some great work in debugging Lizhi’s release 0.9.3, and we are happy to announce it as the official FTC release now.

    Here are Wellen’s comments:

    • Directly forked from Bitcoin code, while older versions based on the litecoin fork
    • Adapted for Feathercoin on Windows systems originally
    • In a second step the adapted version was ported to Linux
    • 3rd step was to create pre-compiled Linux installation packages for major Linux distributions, so users are not required to compile the packages themselves
    • If users decide to add the package repository to their list of trusted sources, updates will be provided automatically in the future, but still need to be acknowledged by the user, unless fully automated updates are configured by the user.
    • Pre-compiled packages can be found at:

    https://software.opensuse.org/package/feathercoin (under ‘unstable packages’ as the packages are not part of the official distributions

    which is the same repository

    Packages are currently available for

    • Debian 8
    • Fedora 20
    • Fedora 21
    • Fedora 22
    • Opensuse 13.2
    • Ubuntu 14.04
    • Ubuntu 14.10
    • Ubuntu 15.04

    All packages are available for 32 and 64 bit Linux.
    Support and problem reporting can be done via the forum.
    Bug reports and feature requests can be placed in the forum, but preferred is https://github.com/Feathercoin/Feathercoin/issues

    Ghostlander is working on better version of Neoscrypt miner
    Some details from Ghostlander:

    • His new miner is a fork of an older version of BFG miner with an optimized kernel for Neoscrypt.
    • Ghost will release his private kernel and make that kernel open source then.
    • Kernel optimization is in progress
    • Some testing still needs to be done, but it looks promising, and we will keep you updated on progress

    Moon mission

    • Both missions are paid up
    • I take care about ship 1
    • Pocket spacecraft is actively working to make it reality
    • Lets hope for 2016 launch
    • Check ps twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/mySpacecraft

    FTC listed on I2P Exchange

    I get understand that it is difficult to convince people to go through hoops for privacy, I’m hoping/expecting that most clearnet exchanges will choke themselves to death on regulation and ExchangeD will be the only alternative.

    Forum software updated to latest version

    First of all we want to apologize for the stability issues we had last week with the forum software.

    The software is tuned to be fast and responsive despite all the features it provides, so it’s data is mainly kept in memory and dumped to the disk every X seconds only.
    Unfortunately during such a dump a memory shortage occurred on the server causing the dump to fail and the server process to restart.
    The result was an unusable database and we had to go back to the last available backup.

    We moved the forum to a temporary server, fixed the problem causing the memory shortage and installed the latest version of the forum software.
    We are now back to the original server and running the latest version of the forum software, which has several bug fixes, so we expect an enhanced stability and availability of the forum for you.

    Banned user “Kevlar” confirmed as scammer

    • Kevlar took 60BTC from Calem and ceased all contacts

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    Cheers for the round-up Mirrax. There is also the updated sgminer guide and work on correcting minor forum issues after the transfer to NodeBB open source forum.

    Might be worth posting a copy of the News letter and the sgminer guide on BitcoinTalk…

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    Thanks for the round up of recent events Mirrax, good to see that things are still moving forward even during these quite times


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    Great to hear! keep up the good work.