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Handling spam posts

  • administrators

    Dear all,

    if you find a post with content, that you think is spam, please flag the post for moderation and vote down that post using the up/down arrows at the upper right side of the post.

    That way people spamming our forum will get negative reputation and then flagged as spammer.

  • Moderators

    I now enhanced the rule set so a spammer has the chance to get rid of the spammers flag.

    If a user with a negative reputation get’s a reputation of +2 or more, he/she will be removed from the spammers group and become a regular user again.

    So please use the voting system to identify spammers and also help users being flagged as spammer by accident to get back their regular members status

  • Scammer

    I am using this every time I see spam. Looks like its working very well!

  • Moderators

    It is 😃

    But for new users I simply delete their account, if they made just one post and that was classified as spam 😉
    So there is still a manual process behind


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