Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version

[Dev] Modification to Feathercoin block explorer

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    I just relased the latest version of the feathercoin block explorer as it is running on explorer.feathercoin.com.


    • coin days destroyed are shown on start page instead of outstanding coins

    • small modifiactions to the table format. Coin related columns are right aligned now

    For intetested people the sources can be found on Github

  • Regular Member | Tip AmDD

    Can I provide some feedback without getting beat? 😉

    Its ugly.

    The problem is, I cant make it any better so I have nothing to bring to the table other than an opinion. Im no artist or designer - zero sense of style here.

    The Litecoin explorer is also ugly and I think is powered by Abe. Maybe thats the default layout?

    As far as the function, one thing I like is when you search for something it will give you a list of all ‘hits’ or appearances and allows you to choose which you want. The thing I dont like is if there is only one object found you still have to click it - maybe not a big deal but it would be nice if it just opened the result automatically when only 1 was found.

  • Regular Member | Tip ghostlander

    @AmDD The default layout is even worse. I have tuned it up to some extent 2 years ago, dropped coin days destroyed (who cares about it?), reformatted HTML and left the rest as it was (http://explorer.phoenixcoin.org). It works, so let it be.

  • Regular Member | Tip AmDD

    @ghostlander I totally understand the ‘it works, let it be’ idea. Just throwing it out there that if someone is a good web designer and wants to make something better, Im not opposed!
    To be fair, Im not sure Ive ever seen a nice looking block explorer - they provide a lot of raw data and thats kinda the point i guess.

  • Regular Member | Tip ghostlander

    @AmDD Sure thing, though good designers are reluctant to work for free usually…

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    I thought, that the ‘outstanding coins’ display from the last version of Abe explorer was even more non-descriptive and nobody even understood, what it meant.
    the ‘coin days destroyed’ at least are in indicator how alive the coin is, and yesterday you easily could see that there was movement, as the coin dais destroyed meter was going up.

    @AmDD : I’m no web designer either and the Phython based code is not my favorite for programming.

    But it is all opensource, so everybody can fork on github and create an alternate user interface. I’d be happy to merge it. 😄

  • Regular Member | Tip ghostlander

    @Wellenreiter Well, outstanding coins is an indicator how many coins are or were in circulation. Multiply by price to get a market capitalisation.

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    I can take a look, maybe just bootstrapping it would make it look pretty