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[Solved] Android wallet sync problems

  • Moderators

    All Android wallets faced synchronization problems during the last weeks, due to the software upgrade to needed for the QT gui and daemon. The reason is an incompatibility in the protocol versions of the gui/daemon and the Android wallet

    We are working on a fix at the moment.

    A workaround has been implemented.

    For Android users:

    There still may be times, where the synchronization starts with big delays after starting the Android wallet.

    In that case do the follwoing:

    • keep the Android wallet open for extended times
    • if the wallet doesn’t show any peers in the peer monitor display after on to two hours:
      • close the wallet
      • open it again and wait

    We are sorry for the inconvenience

  • Regular Member

    Hello !
    I have exported my encrypted android wallet private keys, but i’m unable to import it, not detected on card 😕

    Plzzzzzz help me I have 200 FTC on this wallet 😞

  • Moderators

    some more information would be fine:

    • where are you trying to import your private keys to?
      • another Android sytem?
      • Windows?
      • Mac?
    • What is not detected on card?
      • the files on the card, when connecting to another system?

    one of the known problems is, that the Android backup files do not have the same format as the QT-based wallets. Therefore it is not easy to recover a private address from an Android wallet to a Windows/Mac/Llinux system

  • Regular Member

    On Android wallet, undetected by the Android wallet on my phone 😕
    Unable to restore from QT wallet …

  • Moderators

    @SherlockStd Did you store the exported keys in the correct directory? I think the Android wallet looks in one directory only for the key files.

    Suggestion: backup the key off the phone’s wallet and look for the file. Then copy your backup into the same directory.

  • Regular Member

    I never move this file who’s saved by app on SD Card Downloads folder

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