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Open source build test service - travis-ci

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    Just reading about this free - open source project build test service…


    Travis CI makes working in a team for a software project easier with automated builds. These builds are triggered automatically when each developer checks in their code to the repository. In this article, we will go through how we can integrate Travis CI easily with our project, which is hosted on Github. With automation, notification and testing in place, we can focus on our coding and creating, while Travis CI does the hard work of continuous integration!

    Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration platform that is free for all open source projects hosted on Github. With just a file called .travis.yml containing some information about our project, we can trigger automated builds with every change to our code base in the master branch, other branches or even a pull request.

    Get set up in seconds : Login with GitHub, tell Travis CI to test a project, and then push to GitHub. Could it be any simpler!


    Features created to help your projects and teams

    Watch your tests as they run
    Keep your config with your code
    Slack, HipChat, Emails and more
    A clean VM for every build
    Run your tests in parallel
    Linux and Mac (and iOS) supported
    Great API and command line tool
    Did we say free for Open Source already?

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    I’m going to get this set up and tested on my feathercoin fork and once we have builds going out for all the major OS’s well definitely give confidence in the code

    You have to allow a “Travis-ci” app access to your code repo in github…this is why I wanna try it on my fork, write down the instructions and then maybe @Wellenreiter can do it for Feathercoin ?