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[Guide] How to set up a Virtual Machine system on Linux Ubuntu

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    It can be useful to run virtual machines to test new Linux or BSD distribution or development software updates or container private browsing like banking transactions.

    If you need help running a virtual machine system for Linux and move away from VirtualBox it is actually quite easy, once you know a couple of tips.

    First thing to note the Linux Virtual machine solutions are based on LibVirt library.

    Virt-Manager is GUI front end is Virtual Machine Manager in Ubuntu 16.04

     sudo apt-get install virt-manager

    To cut and paste or use clip board transfer between guest and host system

    sudo apt-get install spice-vdagent

    Tip : If that doesn’t work out of the box, check the virtual machine settings are correct :

    Check Display is set to Spice
    Video model is QXL