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[Dev] Release Candidate Feathercoin - Check List

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    Thanks Lizhi. I was hoping to give Wellenreiter a chance to do a double check or the code. So I hope you find the “deliberate mistakes” we put in so it doesn’t get released untill 0.9.6 !

    Seriously, I will pull into my development area.

    I am very tired at the moment and AFB is busy we still are working on a couple of things.

    I also also still require some better screen shots for Your Multisignature demo in the Feathercoin Wallet Guide .

    I still need convincing there are not issues with- signing varying, and importing URLs as I was get them to work with my version.

    We need somone to go through every option in the windows version and check the UI works and Text is correct in other languages, that each feature works. I will send a couple of test FTCs to anyone who’ll try that.

    NOTE : 0.9.33 is not to be used for MINING…

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    Updated the Title to 0.9.6

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    @wrapper said in [Dev] Release Candidate Feathercoin - Check List:

    The level of dust payment / minimum transaction level fee is ridiculously high 1% this seems to be for historical “reasons”, like encouraging high value transactions.

    So, for instance, what is the point of having mFTC and uFTC when they pay 1000% fee?

    I propose min fee is moved to 0.001 FTC,

    The main problem with this is mFTC has 100%fee, when smart contracts come in they might be under priced :

    We can enforce a higher fee for smart contracts, i.e they will have 2 parts,
    rejestering the contract - 0.01 min : pay a extra fee to speed up.
    running the contract : pay a contract fee 0.01 min - pay extra to speed up


    The transaction fee is payed to the miners finding a block. The idea behind it is, that after all coins habe been mined, we still need to give miners an intensive to mine, and that there will be a sufficient number of transactions per block, so that the cost of mining is covered.
    If we lower the fee, we mFTC and µFtC transactions are not overpaid, but we may face problems with a constantly low hashrate.

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