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Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

Hello feathercoin - I'm looking to mine

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    @greenuser said:

    Thanks ChekaZ, i need to enter Hash rate (KHash/s) in a feild of the calculator here https://www.feathercoin.com/calc/
    Do you know how many KHash/s a HD7870 will make?

    Best wishes

    I’d estimate HD 7870 at around 200k, thats a guess from @UnklAdM in the MiningSection. - But I guess you have to try it out.


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    @ChekaZ thank you, thats ok for me if it is correct.
    i have 4 cards = 800kh/s
    price is low =$0.04860550 and could go up.
    i will get about 117.90745877832457 FTC per day
    i have to price up mining Dash too and decide.


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    Hi and welcome, be interested to hear what you get as there have been recent improvements in NSGminer.

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    @wrapper thank you for your welcome.
    I may solo mine yet, how big is the app data file for the wallet. If i have hhd space i will solo, if not i will pool. What is the block solve reward? and how frequent is the block time?
    I think that tonight i will read, and tommorow i will mine.
    Nice forum BTW,

    Best wishes

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    It is possible to solo mine, I’d advise 200 kHash/s at current difficulties, minimum hash rate.

    At a rough estimate it might take 2 week to 4 weeks to get a block, currently. You may be more lucky…

    If the difficulty goes up more I’d switch to a pool. P2pool is easy to get started and decentralized.

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    thanks i have the NSGminer zip
    what is the amount of feathercoin that i get for a block reward?
    i will look at P2pool as well

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    Welcome to the forum 🙂

    The block reward is 80 FTC and time to Block is one Minute.

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    Re : Time to Solo Mine a block.

    I have set up solo mining on p2pool, and can read some extra statistics as they go passed. P2pool will eventually join with other compatible nodes and pay out to all on the pool.

    700 KHash/s estimated time to block ~ 14 Hrs
    350 KHash/s ~ 28 Hrs
    400 KHash/s ~ 32 Hrs
    100 KHash = ~ 128 Hrs

    Saying that - It’s 20 Hrs without a block so far.

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    I have now got a block “solo mining” on p2pool. I got half the payment 35 FTC. So it took 31 hours to get ~0.5 of a block.

    @greenuser, I then got 2 * 0.5 blocks in an hour. So …

    This means it will take ~32 Hours Solo mining at 700 KHash/s to get one block.

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    Hi, i am trying to get a rig mining FTC.
    Up until recently it mined ethereum with this setup.

    I use windows 7 -64bit, HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Server with four Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7870 Dual-X 2GB GDDR5 (11199-16-20G) GPU cards and AMD Catalyst 15.12 drivers.

    I have an old account at Give-me-Coin from BTC mining so i got the URL from them and set up a worker and added a LTC address.
    i got nsgminer from https://github.com/ghostlander/nsgminer/releases
    and unziped it.
    I put a bat file in the same folder like this,

    nsgminer --neoscrypt -g 1 -w 128 -I 16 --gpu-engine 1000 --gpu-memclock 1500 -o stratum+tcp://ftc-neo.give-me-coins.com:3336 -o greenuser.1:12345

    ftc-neo.give-me-coins.com = url
    3336 = port
    greenuser.1 = workername
    12345 = password

    When i run the bat the system crashes and blue screens me a message saying,


    LOL 😏

    Now waiting on a system restore!
    Any ideas?

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    You need to post on the nsgminer thread or in mining to get the best responce.

    I would firstly suggest starting with a lower Intensity.

    Maybe try p2pool first, (you don’t have sign on issues and has some good charts) I know these pools sometimes have there own multi pool client. Also the port might be 9333 .

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    Thanks will do.

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    I’ll watch in the Shoutbox, let me know when it reboots 🙂 Just a min I’ll set you up a start command to try

    nsgminer --neoscrypt - -I 13 -o http://p2pool.neoscrypt.de:19327 -O FTC address

    NSGminer sets it’self up fine, you can try adjusting once your in.

    Shoutbox is only on front page so I’ll wait here

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