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[Dev] Guide to using the Features of the Feathercoin Wallet

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    A guide is available for Features of Feathercoin wallet on Github.


    The guide is in development, any comments or contributions gratefully received. Or just check it out.

    The guide can then be used as a “Help file” for Feathercoin-Qt releases.

    It is currently being updated with screen shots of, although that needs some work, possible sending coins to example wallet so better examples of how to use it can be made.

    You can assist by taking some screen shots and explanation text of a feature in operation and I’ll pull any contributions in and tidy them up.

    How to Build Test version from source:

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    Good work 🙂

    We should place the Guide in the wiki section of the Feathercoin Git repository and place the link to that page into the help section of the Gui.

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    Wallet Guide Development

    Status : I’ve done quite a few updates to the guide, it is approaching 95% first draft.

    Please check it out, comments welcomed, or links to technical information or help that could be integrated on the wallet features.

    Next I will be replacing some of the screen shots with better how to examples created from the latest wallet. It would then require an index and some links to make it a basic beta version.


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    Wallet Guide Development

    Status :
    There have been 20 more days of updates to the Feathercoin Wallet Guide / Manual.
    Awaiting final 0.9.6 GUI changes to redo screen shots and finish MultiSig send example screen shots.
    Few more trawls through to refine and add / remove explanation text
    An addition - Newbie, simple use / fist address screen shots.


    I have included :

    • References section, inc Satoshis paper
    • A “Post Scrypt” (sic) section, of additional things that would clutter the Index
    • I have included an auto toc system, and am redefining the section headers to make an easy to understand Table of Contents.

    I have also included a number of additional and related projects and am using Google and search of old Feathercoin News Letters to look for additional interesting FTC projects, that have a “use ability”.

    I am in two minds wither to include “Link”, it was an important project and a lot of members contributed comments ideas and testing, http://forum.feathercoin.com/topic/4479/ann-link-the-blockchain-file-sharing-protocol/114 ???

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    One interesting thing I saw using 0.9.6 is appearance of very small transaction fees. If using 0.8.7 I had 0.02 or 0.14 FTC now I can get 0.0000012 for example. Would like to know about this more, or link where to read. Thanks!

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