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[Dev] Compiling Feathercoin Wallet for ARM devices

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    Compiling Feathercoin Wallet for ARM devices

    Current status :
    This is technically feasible

    Why have a wallet built for ARM?

    The capabilities of ARM chips used in mobile devices is now at a stage where there is enough processing power to make them seriously capable of performing normal desktop tasks.

    The latest chips, such as S905, have high memory , storage, USB3 and Gigabit network. Cross platform compiling technology has also advanced, so it can be compiled on a faster machine or with an auto build service.

    Many ARM chips are used in non touch devices like TVs or Smart boxes where a more normal desktop interaction would be advantageous over touch.

    There has been a lot of work to make Touchpads convert automatically to desktop, when a mouse and monitor is connected, i.e convergence. An Arm build of the core wallet would be most appropriate. These are the devices many ex Windows users might move to next so are liable to become ubiquitous. In the future as phones become more powerful the full wallet would be available to billions of users. .

    What are the disadvantages of an ARM version of the core wallet?

    The main disadvantage seen on the Raspberry PI when running Bitcoin core, after speed, is the large size of the blockchain download. This would be ameliorated by next generation ARM hardware, but intermediately could be address by developing a “Mobile blockchain” or "Cut down / Light desktop wallet version, or option.

    Ref : https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Bitcoin_Core_compatible_devices

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