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[Dev] Release candidate Feathercoin 0.9.6 checklist & final issues

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    @wrapper said in [Dev] Release candidate Feathercoin 0.9.6 checklist & final issues:

    Ok, I agree. FTC is ready to release. We’ve got a lot of further refinement we can quickly apply to 0.11. 0.9.6 is a significant update to 0.9.1.

    I think it is expedient to create FTC 0.9.7-dev ,

    Reason for 0.9.7-dev:

    • Copy / branch of code : Just prior to final release changes. Prevent / identify “rougue releases”
    • We may need to fix a bug (unlikely), but also can get travis working (nearly there), ready to accept and test any issues or further improvements to test.
    • Known testing ground for comparison with 0.11 in further developments
    • Gives FTC the possible to release “wallet fix versions” (i.e. new functionality review, possible remove shapeshift , etc) - that can be done with no fork issues.

    Backport Branch

    Sugestions for Development plan for 0.9.x branch

    Feathercoin 0.9.7-dev
    Implement Unit Test
    Implement Auto build service
    Collect issues From 0.9.6 release
    Test fixes to issues
    Move issue to Feathercoin 0.11-dev
    Collect issues and release 0.9.8

    This is a good idea.

    Maybe create a post in the Admin/team area for now, just so that the version numbers dont confuse forum members. Once 0.9.6 is fully released as “production” - you could move the 0.9.7-dev topic to the public forums for discussion/in-put from the general feather public 🙂

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    @Aciddude I agree with your comments.

    The probability is we will move all development to 0.11 and just the stub (0.9.7-dev), without the “release specific changes” will remain.

    Hopefully most issues can be fixed in 0.11.

    We can get a feel for how quickly 0.11 can be audited for release, will depend on the number of changes to bring across etc. Obviously, the quicker we can do that the less likely further developments in 0.9.x …