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[Dev] Anti spy / tracking / automatic web search bot - TrackMeNot

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    Re : Customizable version of TrackMeNot Firefox add-on / extension

    Not so much a FTC development as a current development that some FTC members are contributing to / maintaining a fork.

    TrackMeNot has been significantly improved and 2 further versions have released since the fork by 2 FTC Devs and 2 other contributers in the last week.

    TrackMeNot is a Firefox add-on that generates searches, either on a visible Tab, or in stealth mode. The idea was to audit the project, in the light of the probable capabilities of some parties to search and analyses snoopers charter’s stored IP history with Machine Learning / Tactical data fusion and A.I techniques to effectively have brought in a totalitarian state. The fact that it is semi benevolent to some citizens is irrelevant.

    Link to Feathercoin (FTC)?

    One idea might be to include a “donation to FTC” DAO faucet fund, members can add sites to a web the top 5 are paid proportionally by an automatic system …

    Another might be FTC edition sponsored by FTC, (ie straight forward advert).

    How to run customized browser add-ons

    The Github version of Trackmenot can be used and tested with the Developer version of Firefox. It is proposed to produce a signed version of “TrackMeNot2” working title. Browser Bot will be a Fork with neural net capabilities to move the mouse an random click, visit AI generated “web site address” etc …

    Completed updates to TrackMeNot

    The first commit is and updated zeitgeist array. In practice everyone should have customizable list, so a trend of searches too ignore can’t be “machine learned”.

    After testing the adjustment and updated Readme.md on how to deploy a customized Firesfox add-on.

    TrackMeNot omprovements being worked on

    The obvious areas for further improvement have been started as an anonymity or background search agent. For instance more creative search timing algorithms and a click on through function.

    Other than that, I have found a very large number of Javascript errors, missing EOL and such, which are currently being worked through. These are easy to detect if you need practice with Javascript or want to learn.

    One area I would like to improve is the web page and icon design, options.html
    Also, the Gihub version failed to run, so development will be a “running branch” for the moment then pulled into TMN 0.9.3

    Working version of TrackMeNot(2) for Firefox :


    Dev Version with change log - currently not running