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Inconsisten checkpoint found / wallet 0.9.6

  • Hiho there,

    my wallet tells me that it has a found an inconsistent checkpoint. The whole message is: “WARNING: Inconsistent checkpoint found. Stop enforcing checkpoints and notify developers to resolve the issue.”

    I resynced the wallet several times with no luck.
    Sometimes the message pops immediatly sometimes.
    I downloaded the blokchain from It’s not a bootstrap.dat it’s the folderstructure from data directory.

    Don’t know what to do. Someone has some advice?



  • Moderators

    I’m not sure, what exactly you did.
    Did you download the block chain files from and did a rescan or did you start with an empty block chain and sync from scratch?

    Also can you paste your config file?

    without the keys, of course.

  • I installed a new wallet and to speed up i downloaded the stuff from
    I closed the wallet, deleted all the stuff in the data dir and copied all data from the .zip-File and started the wallet again. The wallet told me that it have to do a rescan and downloaded the rest from network.
    After all was finished the message “Warning… etc.” poped up immediatly.

    Ok, I read a post on the forum were was mention that I have to wait, the message should disappear. But it didn’t.
    Ok, then I deleted the whole data dir again und let it sync the whole thing from network. After it was completed it took an hour or something and the message “Warning… etc.” popped up again.

    So, I deleted data dir again and this time again with the blockchain files from above mentioned website.

    No luck.

    My config looks like this:
    rpcuser=<whoop whoop>
    rpcpassword=<damn long magical secret stuff which afraids me everytime i see it>

    Hmm, which key do you mean?

    Thank’s a lot!

  • Moderators

    If your wallet fully synchronizes with the blockchain, you can ignore the warning.

    The problem will be solved with, where we have a couple of bug fixes applied.

  • All right! Thank you!

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