Mac Mining Support ?

  • Would like to set up, tried loading a few different ones and its not working out to great. Help would be appreciated.

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    CPUminer works on Mac, not sure about NSGminer though.

  • @ghostlander I can’t seem to find CPUminer for Mac Sierra os
    Do you have a link for Github that works?

  • @tmetaphysical

    Look in here:

    Kindly regards,

  • How do i set up the terminal to mine FTC now?

  • I need help please from anyone that will be able to walk me through this.

    Have the latest version CPU miner for Mac osx Minerd

    How do i point it to a P2p pool to start mining?

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    try check this link below:
    Bitcointalk-Forum NSGminer ANN thread
    alt text
    dunno bout MAC, but on Windows…need to do d ‘.bat’ file as running-command file. Take below config tu execute d cpuminer (without d apostrophe @ punctuation mark)
    ‘minerd.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u .worker -p password’
    *example shows if wanna do d ‘pool-mining’ at Pool.
    *maybe need to do d command using ‘Terminal’ if on MAC
    .Feathercoin P2P Pool-list
    *dunno if dat is d latest-update-list

    :bow_tone1: hope this will help a bit…

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    sgminer isn’t the most neoscrypt optimised miner, but the readme is quite informative. Mining is quite a technical challenge, it’s definitely for people who enjoy messing round with computers!

  • Messing around is a good choice of words… ive started. Ill ask again in a few days after a few more attempts, if unsuccessful.

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