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A Sign to something....?

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    Hye ho guyz…

    Nowadays, thers so many better-wider-option of crypto-coin for/to doing a trading… 🤑
    seems majority of d top/popular coin is on ‘uptrend-price-chart’ @ increasing-in-price-value… 🤗

    i hav nearly ‘zero’ knowledge due to ‘ECO 101’-basic fundamentals chapter… 😢

    so, due to dis ‘massive’ crypto-price-increasing…is it a ‘signs’ of ‘something’ will happen…?
    is it ‘something’ good/positive…? is it ‘something’ bad/negative…?

    soori if dis post disturbing…

    p/s - Some article related on Global Economic Recession

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    Hello @FlatBlack

    Crypto coins are experiencing growth all over for many different factors.

    In my humble opinion… a while back the majority of fiat flowing into alts was just speculative… now because of the Bitcoin backlog and the SegWit implementation getting very very political…this has more or less stunted the progress bitcoin could have made recently… Meenwhile Litecoin has activated segwit and since their network has almost zero congestion we are actually seeing companies/services move their service to Litecoin instead of Bitcoin…


    I am not promoting Yours.org… I’ve just been following this SegWit drama and anything relating to it.

    There’s many different ways to see it… Some people believe a company called “BlockStream” wants to turn bitcoin into some kind of Settlement layer and not use it for P2P cash.

    possible contributing factors to the current crypto rise could include

    • Recognition in Japan …They love Bitcoin at the moment…Japanese exchanges will be opening shortly…
    • India banning their larger fiat cash notes…not many people in india have a laptop or desktop computer…where as most will have a smartphone…Bitcoin is really taking off there.
    • Venezuela - cash ban and their currency going to shit…some shops and travel agents started posting signs saying “we accept Bitcoin Only”
    • China’s PBOC is about to start regulating BTC trading…FINALLY!!
    • Russia has given in and is going to start regulating BTC trading
    • UK banks seems to be more open to CryptoCurrencies in general

    We are approaching some very exciting times…this is reminding me of the DotCom Boom.

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    @aciddude ayyyeeee, nice one,mate…
    top-notch wit d list-of-d-facts 🤗 🤗 🤗
    thanx also for d links and thanx for reply n respon, Mr ‘Senior’…
    a ‘bow’ 11x to u…
    **just another ‘penny-of thoughts’… (just ‘nevermind’ dis if dis good as just as a dreaming thing… ;3) )

    is it ok if ‘we’ - (as a Feathercoin community here) approch/propose d Winklevoss twins about dis FTC coin (another great SILVER cryptocoin) to be placed on GEMINI-exchange… as for preparation if ther proposal - COIN is suddenly accepted-back by US-SEC n ‘Bitcoin Scalling issue’ is still on-going… our FTC is fast enaf wit d transfer-thing, rit…? ;3)
    p/s - till dis recent time, is dis d oonly old/early-cryptocoin dat is still
    ASIC-chip resistant…? so, ‘neoscrypt’ is quite a great ‘pow’ algo…? ;3)

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    @FlatBlack - as far as I know, community members are free to approach who they wish. 🙂 I dont have any contacts even remotely close to the Winklevoss twins…lol. 😛

    I think there are a few Algos that are ASIC resistant…
    That topic is also debated fairly regularly…some people believe being ASIC resistant is a bad thing…some people believe there’s no such thing as “ASIC resistant” and it’s only a matter of time and money…there are a lot of conflicting ideas.

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    The main responsibility of the FTC admins is to run the forum so the Community can get involved in the “open source project”. Providing the blockchain, this is the foundation which all of services which can run on it top of.

    The other required task for the FTC developers, is the development and release of the basic FTC blockchain and mining software. That includes an example wallet.

    FTC members have also supported further projects, but all these are free for members to use, GPU miners, ABE, p2pool, mobile-wallet, exchanges, POS … etc … Others are free to make their own versions, or Fork Bitcoin or Litecoin etc products to the FTC blockchain …

    Like Bitcoin, the Blockchain format is open and you are free to design and use your own software or services on the FTC Blockchain …

    Checkout and feel free to commit changes to the Feathercoin Guide and search for Bitcoin projects that could be forked to FTC, e.g.



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    @wrapper thanx for d link, fren… 😊

  • Regular Member | Tip FlatBlack

    @aciddude 0_1495272249146_upload-fa773241-f2c9-43ef-8e0a-b9b28d489588 nevermind d ** thing… im just trying…

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Members and admins have spent a lot of time designing the forum so you can get involved. There are sections you can discuss mining or exchanges, or see the technical discussions of how the FTC software is built.

    There is also a Guides section, and support, for if you get into trouble with the Feathercoin Wallet.

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