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Marketing/Community expansion?

  • | Tip Truth_Policy

    Let’s hear your best ideas to expand our community! I think we should have an active telegram group that’s listed on the FTC site and maybe even contribute to a marketing fund of some sort. Ideas?

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    Re: How to help :

    Is telegram fully open source?

    How to help Feathercoin : http://forum.feathercoin.com/topic/8594/faq-is-there-any-way-i-can-help-forward-the-feathercoin-project

    As a forum member you can suggest changes to any documents.

    Re Marketing and funds.

    The reasons that funds raising fail is due to anonymity. However, should you become public, you are then open to normal commercial laws and requirements. You may wish to study the New York requirements (gangsters … cough …) to operate a blockchain business.

    The way they (fund-raising / distribution) have failed is being taken over by bullies / psychos who were tempted to “borrow” the funds, or some other dispute and bad feeling (from all the FTC members who have contributed for free).

    With open source projects you are quite welcome to go public with projects that use part or all of the Feathercoin source or underlying Blockchain technology. You can’t claim to represent FTC or use the logo for private fund raising.

    For instance, in order to fund raise Litecoin have had to form a Foundation …

    [Quote : ] The Litecoin Foundation has raised enough funds to support two full-time developers for about 1 year. The newest unaudited financial statements can be found at https://litecoin-foundation.org/2017/06/financial-statements-2017-06-01/ and the donation list https://litecoin-foundation.org/donation/.

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    @wrapper So what do you suggest?

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    I try to make suggestions based on facts or as close by doing research to give an informed judgment.

    When I worked as a consultant for the MoD etc we would do analysis such as FMECA and define the type of business or current strategies and tools, or ask about the applicability of new tools.


    There is a fee website I wrote with the techniques we used to analyze businesses, git clone it and view the web page.

    For instance, we only have a small amount of devs and the current surge in members, due to the halving is already diverting from important work, too having to do forum moderation. It is quality not the quantity of members on the forum we need.

    After dealing with a number of scams moderators are suspicious of anything suggesting fund raising.

    Find if Telegram is open source and see what anyone else says. 🙂

    Also, is there anything among the projects or threads you can, or maybe would be willing to learn help with?

    including moderation, to build up your reputation and knowledge? Admin and members are willing to help, and prioritize such.

  • | Tip Truth_Policy

    @wrapper It appears as though telegram is open source on the client side but closed source on the server side. Also, I would love to moderate and help with projects but I’m not a very technical guy. 😞 I just want to see FTC succeed because I think it deserves to be one of the top 10 market caps.

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    You can help out greeting without any knowledge and build it up, by helping answer common questions.

    Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to market cap (many have tried) , except the long haul of keeping up developments and keeping the web site and forum up to help with support for new members and users.

  • | Tip dwarrilow2002

    • Create a mechanism similar to Satoshipay. This allows developers to put content on their page behind a feathercoin paywall.

    • Create an API which web designers could incorporate into their pages which would act as a mining tool. The tool should be created in such a way that the miner would reward the visitor - perhaps populating the wallet of the first option. This could be marketed as a customer loyalty program.