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CoinCoin! A crypto currency and pool stats monitor.

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    Hello 🙂

    I just released a tool called “CoinCoin!” (the sound produced by a duck, in french).

    This tool is used to monitor your favorite crypto currency and pool statistics (hashrate / balance)
    All information is displayed on your desktop in overlay.

    The tool is free, it was made for me in the first place, but since it is usefull, I think other people can like it, so i decided to release it to the public as a “free software”.

    This is a “conky” like clone on linux (but less powerful, for now)

    Limitation of the tool :
    Windows 10 x64 only
    Not all crypto currency is supported, for now, only FTC, ZEC, LTC, BTC work (or at least partially)

    Here is some screenshot of “CoinCoin!” in action :

    alt text alt text alt text alt text

    You can download it from the homepage : CoinCoin!

    Changelog :

    - version : 0.0.3

    - added support for selecting your window size
    see <Area></Area> section in config.xml
    - Added support to resize your image (attribute: w="" h="" force="")
    - added support for currency Novacoin (NVC)
    - added support for Khore pool
    - added config files monitor, so when you change the config, CoinCoin!
    will reload the appropriate file and parse your new entry.
    - Double buffered window (no flickering anymore)
    - removed pthread support
    - added a full refresh drawing, not just block area
    - Minor fix, this version is more speed, more stable.

    09/07/2017 :

    - version : 0.0.2
    - setting format for config.xml
    - added support for givemecoin pool (this pool require an api key)
    - added support for image (format: png,jpg,gif,bmp,ico) remote or local!
    - more intuitive time format (second, better than millisecond)
    - default time in config.xml

    08/07/2017 :

    - version : 0.0.1
    First public release
    Feel free to contact me for bug report, feature request, or simply to say : your monitoring tool work ^^

    I hope you like it!
    alt text

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    Nice work! Gonna try this out later.

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    That’s on topic so I moved your post to Feathercoin discusion …

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    Thank you 🙂

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    This post is deleted!

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    Update : new site and released version 0.0.3 🙂