Supported Feathercoin client versions: Current production Version: 0.16.1.

Old Production Version: 0.16

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Attention! Feathercoin v0.9.6.1 released!

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    Hello Everyone,

    Happy Halving once again! The Feathercoin team has some great news… Feathercoin v0.9.6.1 has officially been released!


    This is a bugfix release but also helps us get on the road to Feathercoin Core 0.11 and beyond!
    Please upgrade as soon as you can 🙂

    Feathercoin has been officially released for the following platforms:

    • Windows installers plus standalone packages (64-bit Portable/Standalone + 64-bit installer)
    • MacOS (10.9 Mavericks is the minimum you need, tested up to 10.12 Sierra)
    • Linux (Most popular distros)


    The official download links for are below:



    Kudos and thanks to @Cookieboy @Wellenreiter @wrapper @AFB @ghostlander @lizhi @ChekaZ and all the others that worked on the code, website, marketing and anything to help get Feathercoin to where it is…I apologise if I’ve missed anyone from this list.

    We’d also like to thank our investors, traders and amazing Feathercoin users, you guys rock! 🕶

    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to post on the forums or if you’re a developer or techy who’s spotted an issue, you can raise an issue on the official Feathercoin GitHub here:

    Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy the new client.

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    32-bit windows portable and installer binaries are on their way

    32 Bit binaries have been uploaded. 31/07/2017

  • Is it compatible to the old release v0.9.6.0 just overwrite and everything is good to go? Or do I have to resync the blockchain and import my wallet?

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    The version is compatible to all 0.9.x versions of the wallet without re-sync of the wallet.

    Still you should backup your wallet.dat or at least your private keys before updating.

    Better safe than sorry

    Generally the rule os, that all 0.x.* versions are BC compatible and don’t need a re-sync while 0.x.* need a re-sync when updating to 0.y.*

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    Thanks to everyone who helped, read about or encouraged the new release.