Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

Last here Jun 2014, just now returning, coins show in client 9.6.1, was there a fork?

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    So long story short, life took me on a ride and I am just getting back to pick up some pieces. My last wallet transaction was Jun 2014. I can see all the feathercoin I mined, but when I looked feathercoin up I saw feathercoin classic and feathercoin, was there a hard fork that caused another coin? My ether did this too. What are the highlights of what I missed please? My coin value has doubled that’s nice.

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    Hi jti899 and welcome to the forum.

    There was no fork, if you talk about a blockchain fork.

    What happened is, that feathercoin changed it’s hashing algorithm from scrypt to neoscrypt in order to remain ASIC resistant and allow people to mine Feathercoins with ‘standard’ hardware like GPU and CPU without spending a lot of money to buy ASICs.

    There has been a group of people who didn’t like that move to Neoscrypt and they created a new coin called ‘Feathercoin classic’ which remained on the Scrypt algorithm.

    If you already use the client, you are on the latest production version of the client and all should be fine for you.
    If you want to mine again, you may need to update your mining software to allow Neoscrypt for mining.

    There are some posts in the mining section which software can be used and how to configure it.

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