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Physical Bitcoins – A Beginners Take

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    Is this ‘features’ had been applied @ been Implemented…?
    got any update…?
    alt text
    An article dated September 19th, 2016

  • Not sure to understand the question.

    If your question is: physical bitcoin do exist ? The answer is yes, BTCC did it, called “BTCC Mint”.

    Here a link :

    The particularity is those are fresh mined BTC, so without any history on the blockchain. Kind of cool. 🙂

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    🙇🏻 thanx for reply n respon…
    n yes, ‘physical bitcoin do exist ?’ is d rit question been answerd…
    another question is, if u dont mind…,
    -the goverment of China is started to ‘banning’ the ‘ICO’ thing, is it…? not the whole crypto-scene, rit…?
    -is there a ‘some-kind’ of ‘brain-wash’ thing that happen recently…? because, alot of forumers at some chattin-group were discussing on similar topic… ‘BITCOIN is DEAD…!!!’… 😕 😢 😢

  • Wow dude, please think about the users for whom English is not the native language. (Me for example…)

    It hurts so much to read you, when you wrote this way. 😕

    Anyway to answer (please edit for the others sake):
    The aim of crypto-currency isn’t to be gov-resistante?
    Some guys spread false news, about China closing exchanges, this result in a big dump (about 3kRMB very localized on China market), so some guys just did big monney on some naive dudes. This is free market, so every think is normal I’ll say. 🙂

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    🙇🏻 im so soori about my ‘bad-habit’ when doing the typing-in hurry… 🙇🏻 😥
    thanks for bring this thing up… and this is not the 1st time someone mentioning this… 🙉 🙈 🙊 🙈 🙈 🙊
    again, thanks for reply. so, just ‘hodling’ and be a ‘strong-hand’ 💪🏼 then ehh…? 🤗