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Coinmarketcap and Coingecko

  • | Tip peeet

    Does anyone know how we can get coinmarketcap and coingecko updated to reflect the prices of the chinese exchange, 19800.com?

    It appears that the recent upgrade to the exchange meant that coinmarketcap was no longer reflecting the prices. They’ve now removed 19800 so an accurate reading of volume is not reflected.

    From my understanding, Coingecko has never displayed the volume and price of FTC from 19800.com as well.

    By the way I want to say thank you to the developers and mods of this forums that continue to work on Feathercoin out of their own passion and pockets. You guys do a great job!

    I’ll be happy to make a fair donation in the future once we break through previous highs.

    Thanks guys!

  • | Tip peeet

    I forgot to mention, the reason why this is important is because many investors that look into coins take a look at volume to determine the viability of trading. Fundamental traders and/or long term holders will look at this to determine the potential for wide acceptance. Just like gold or fiat, for cryptocurrencies more acceptance often leads to more value (if all other factors remain constant).

    This was one of the reasons why I first got into FTC

  • | Tip looarn

    Hi Peeet,

    Nice find.

    About Coinmarketcap, I think they anyway focus on US/UE exchanges (but since zero fees is now forbidden in China maybe a change need to be made or have been done (I didn’t check recently).

    About Gecko, I don’t know such thing.

    Feel free to contact them, and expose the issue, Gecko is quite reactive.

    As this is open source no need to be a dev or whatever to help. Go ahead and keep us updated of the avancement.

    If you need help in this task, feel free to ask. 🙂


  • | Tip peeet

    Cheers @looarn.

    Coinmarketcap and Coingecko requests now sent through(I wasn’t sure how to before).

  • | Tip peeet

    Okay, so coingecko has responded with:

    "We currently do not support that exchange 19800, we will look into how we can support that.

    Thanks for notifying us. Will follow up if we have any enquiries."

    No response from coinmarketcap, as yet.

  • | Tip peeet

    Lol, I just read in the other thread that 19800 will be closing anyway.

  • | Tip looarn

    @peeet said in Coinmarketcap and Coingecko:

    Lol, I just read in the other thread that 19800 will be closing anyway.

    Sorry I forgot to ping here. Yeah some hot news in China. Wait and see.

    Anyway you prove than FTC is alive and that is priceless. Thanks a lot for that. 🙂