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Old Production Version: 0.16

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[ANN] | feathercoin faucet to be launch soon !

  • annoucment is a feathercoin faucet.

    How it works?

    The aim of ftc-fountain is to promote feathercoin as a secured, decentrelized, ASIC resistant, maintained, open-sourced crypto-currency.

    ftc-fountain works on donation, there is no advertising and no customer data collection on the website.

    If you want to help us please make a donation here : 6knuNae3rcX7iL8YvWSSGCzvcNpXkhcKSb

    We use a hot FTC address for sending the rewards.
    Each week a random amount from 1 to 100 feathercoins is sent from stock FTC address to the hot FTC address.
    We calculate the reward this way : hot FTC address balance / 100 = reward (with max reward = 1 ftc).

    The website devlopment isn’t finish yet, but we hope to open end of the month.

    Thanks to the many donators and your patience.

    Stay tuned !

  • Reserved

  • Currently having trouble to sync the faucet node.

    Almost half the blockchain is downloaded, but still missing a big part.

    Stay tuned, sorry about that.

  • Regular Member

    The newest version of the wallet will download/sync the blockchain much faster. Be sure to update when you can.


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