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Feathercoin is gamer friendly

  • | Tip bsotnikow

    A coin with a GPU mining philosophy seems a natural fit for gamers. Don’t power down your gaming computer when you sleep, mine some FTC instead since its designed to work with your cards.

    Any thoughts on vendors to approach? Maybe game sites already using crypto who could add FTC? Or just a company who makes games. Sorry i don’t know much about gaming, but would be happy to write some emails to give it a shot. Could also be something small to add to the website language somewhere.

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    with the FTC supply and the fast block times…it would make an interesting in-game currency.

    Feathercoin as an in-game currency - the possibilities are endless.

    Anything from discounts from the game maker on their next titles.
    To paying for premium items in game.

    You could even go as far as partnerships… Game maker partners with another firm and offers discounts on that firms games or services.

  • | Tip kelsey

    this a dream many a coins have had in their roadmap, with none succeeding thus far…as far as i know.

  • Regular Member | Tip AmDD

    @kelsey I know Ive mentioned it many times over the years. I used to play some MMORPG games back in the day which had some ingame ‘money’ that you earned and spent on items. I always thought that would be a great entry point for a crypto but soon realized one as slow as Bitcoin probably wouldnt be best. However, Feathercoin might be a good fit… now to find someone who can/will build the game…