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Novice building a Mining Rig

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    @vigospqr Cool! let us know what speeds you get on each!

    Good luck!

  • @Lordas Thanks, received the package, (nice packaging)


    Aim at the moment is to test and see if it works and what mining is all about, so for 1 card, Before mining I guess I need to do the following:

    1. Get a bootable Windows 10 USB


    very amateur question(cant seem to find the answer though), but where are you installing windows to though? another USB, or onto the same USB?

    1. Buy power,


    1. Attach a monitor, keyboard, mouse and graphics card

    2. Download card drivers

    3. Install NSGminer

    Is this all I need to do?

    Probably I am being a pain but if you got some spare time, maybe you can ignore the top and write a simple step by step yourself (with links) explaining what needs doing from here to actual mining, creating wallet etc (the full package lol).

    It may help others, will definitely help me though. otherwise no issues, I will figure it out.


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    @vigospqr You can install Windows to another USB stick, or use an old hard drive you have laying around.

    Thats pretty much it, just build it and install the software. Adjust things as you go.

  • @Vigospqr Thanks 🙂

    I think your steps are good. I have started from Linux, but later use Windows - just because it is much easier to switch between different coins/miners. I install in old useless HDD’s - 40-120 GB which is enough for windows, driver, miner and VNC. But you can use USB stick. BTW this motherboard has mSATA slot - you can use mSATA SSD drive - no extra components outside. Like:

    For now - get power, windows and HDD/SSD/USB/mSATA SSD
    And some case? 😛

  • Hey guys, Thought I will give this a go today.

    Stuck at the first hurdle, cant seem to start my EVGA power supply?

    I have made 3 connections.

    1. 20+4 pin to the motherboard
    2. 4+4 to motherboard
    3. 6 Pin to the card

    As I am using a USB hard disk, don’t think I need anymore connection!

    See Image below:

    0_1510231838571_power issue.jpg

    Googled about this, did a wire connection test, where you put a wire in the 3 and 4 pin, that did start the fan perfectly.


    So what am I doing wrong?



    Needed to start the motherboard LOL.

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    @vigospqr you have to bridge the pins on the motherboard where the “pin” for “power” would be stacked onto. Take a screwdriver to do it.

  • @ghostlander I’ve gotten to almost 1.75 M on my 1070. Any ideas what I’m doing special? I’m a rookie to all this, so I definitely haven’t done anything crazy. The only thing I’ve done other than basic installation is to OC slightly with MSI Afterburner…

  • Needless to say, I don’t stay that high regularly, but I have peaked to that a few times. I stay pretty constant just a little over 1, though…

  • After hours of searching, trying few different things. I cant seem to get anything on the monitor.

    With the screwdriver I get the CPU and EVGA fan going. Graphics card fan doesn’t turn on though. But I guess for graphics card I need to install drivers etc to get it going. Graphics card is in PCIE X16 has 6 power pin on top, I am using the 6 + 2 connector which is nearest to the power supply.

    But still nothing comes on the screen.

    when the VGA cable isn’t in then the monitor is effectively green and on when I put the VGA I goes orange (turns off).

    Not really a mining question or a mining rig question, more of how to build a pc question.

    Well I wish I built a PC when I was young instead of buying one. Damn!

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    Pm me. We can probably sort this out in person 🙂

  • I see your problem now - plug monitor to videocard output. This CPU do not have graphics inside, so the VGA slot on the M/B is not functional.

    BTW I have mentioned that some time at the sending 🙂

  • Happy to hear that it is working 🙂

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    Did you manage to get everything working? I am interested in hash/s comparison between 1050 and 1070 as I am also interested in building a mining rig for personal experiment.

  • Hi there

    Waking up from the dead!

    Well to tell you the truth i would love to say been busy etc etc, but truth is I have been lazy.

    But since you mentioned, felt ashamed, and given it another ago, to my amazement, it is damn easy, Got the wires connected, loaded the windows (bought a USB from ebay), voila i have built myself a PC. Am I officially an engineer now? Now i am downloading the feathercore wallet, but it has been loading since then, i think it will be another day or so.

    I have got two cards, as this was a test project, 1050ti and 1080ti, best of both worlds. I will be happy to put the hash and step by step guide with pics once everything is working.

    Thanks for the push.

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    No problem, I am glad I helped you 🙂
    I dont really need any guide at the moment as I already have test wallet and miners set both on windows and linux systems. Only thing missing to perform real test was proper GPU and I was hoping for some approximate data before buying one myself. But as at the moment it is almost impossible to get any decent card and I by accident stumbled on nice 1060 3gb I bought it. I will install it today and post results. However I am still interested in hash rates of both of your cards, especially 1050ti as those cards are still in stock at some stores in my area.

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    Ok as promised first report. Yesterday I installed nvidia 1060 3gb GPU in my personal computer with linux os. I installed gpu drivers provided in repositories, downloaded and installed CUDA 9.1 toolkit and downloaded and built ccminer. I started mining in Mining pool hub where I did my first mining tests. Hash rate I am getting out of my card are alightly above 600kH/s at the beginning and after a while they fall a little and oscillate around 595kH/s (I still have to write small python script to get real average out). In 24 h I was able to get ~4.5 coins. This is achieved with everything stock, so no overclocking or using any advanced features of ccminer. Question for experienced users. Are those numbers reasonable?
    First thing I have to do now is to dedicate 1060 only for CUDA calculations ie mining and use intel gpu for display graphics. Then I am open to other suggestions 🙂

  • @ag2288 said in Novice building a Mining Rig:

    Question for experienced users. Are those numbers reasonable?
    First thing I have to do now is to dedicate 1060 only for CUDA calculations ie mining and use intel gpu for display graphics. Then I am open to other suggestions 🙂

    If you have a base/boost 1506/1708 card, 600 seems right in line without o/c or miner optimizations.

    You won’t be able to use video from your integrated graphics and use the gpu’s for mining, because the nvidia drivers must be loaded for mining and they cannot co-exist with the nouveau driver the integrated graphics will need. You’ll have to use one of the 1060’s (or a cheaper nvidia card that can use the same driver set) to drive your monitor.

    The X process won’t exact any performance penalty on the gpu driving your monitor. (I’m assuming you’re not using the machine while mining for anything else…) Here’s my setup with 4 “identical” 1060’s, as you can see gpu0 is driving the monitor and runs the same temp as two others. gpu1 is the black sheep; it’s always run a few degrees warmer no matter what I do, but then not all children are the same either, eh? 😉

    Take a look at my linux run-down of the four known & useable ccminer forks running different cuda versions. There wasn’t a 1060 driver compatible with cuda 9.1 when I did this, however I doubt there will be much difference from 9.0.

    I can help with how to set up xorg.conf so you can access the fan and clock controls in the nvidia-setting control panel too, if you’d like.

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    @bluebox I have that type of the 1060.
    It is possible to do exactly that. I followed instructions on this site and you basically have to enable integrated graphic card in BIOS, swich to internal drivers in nvidia-settings and add LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$/usr/local/cuda/lib64:/usr/lib/nvidia-xxx (replace xxx with driver number)
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    in the .bashrc 🙂 And it works 0_1516036050062_nvidia_smi.png image url)

    Ok it gives only 5-15kH/s increase, but you are able to do other stuff on computer while mining without compromising mining power and on the other hand remove lag in performace of X.

    Great work on testing different ccminers. I was using tprouvot version, but as it seems from your tests it is the slowest, so I will try the others as well to se it there will be any difference.

    I would be extremely grateful for any help with overclocking as I am ager to get as much out of the card as possible 🙂

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