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Hasrate returns with gpu cards convert to how many coins?

  • Hi, I see different Mhash rates for different coins, and using feathercoin with 1070 card produces 700KH/s on a 1070 with NSGminer.
    what does that convert/give in coin numbers, a day or a month?
    also someone else achieving
    get 860~ with their 1070 on CCminer.
    what does that convert to?

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    Divide your hashrate by the network total hashrate and you will get the average number of minutes you can expect to mine a block with 40 coins, as the Feathercoin time to block is 1 Minute.

    You then easily can calculate the daily/weekly number of coins you can expect.

    If you mine on a pool, distract the pools fee and you have your income :D

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