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Mining Feathercoin in Pool which ones allow you to keep coins in your wallet for v small fee?

  • Hi, I looked at Ngsminer and CCminer, they appear to charge part of bitcoin to transfer mined feathercoins back to your wallet. If you do not have a large mining rig, this will not be feasable to copy back to your wallet?
    and based on last few years, its a higher chance of getting coins stolen if prices increase?
    what do you think?
    I wanted to try cpu mining so any customised scrypts for that? where I can run cpu at 80-90% capacity?

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    If you use a P2Pool all mined coins will be transferred to your wallet. The pool keeps between 0% and 1 % as a charge. If you visit a pools home page, you can see the fee and what you can expect on the page.

    In general CPU mining is not efficient, unless you get free electricity.

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    You can also run your own instance of P2Pool on a PC on your network, so you are the pool master.

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