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Future of GPU mining AI computers?

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    NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX - Scalable AI Supercomputer For Autonomous Driving

    Don’t know about you but I need one of these A.I. Nvidia PX self driving car sensor fusion and machine learning drives, in my house. Can’t see them lasting long in a car without being nicked, either.

    I’m also thinking they might make great crypto miners?.

    NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX is the open AI car computing platform that enables automakers and tier 1 suppliers to accelerate production of automated and autonomous vehicles. It scales from a palm-sized, energy efficient module for AutoCruise capabilities, to a powerful AI supercomputer capable of autonomous driving.

    DRIVE PX can understand in real-time what’s happening around the vehicle, precisely locate itself on an HD map, and plan a safe path forward. It’s the world’s most advanced self-driving car platform—combining deep learning, sensor fusion, and surround vision to change the driving experience.

    The scalable architecture is available in a variety of configurations. These range from one passively cooled mobile processor operating at 10 watts, to a multi-chip configuration with two mobile processors and two discrete GPUs delivering 24 trillion deep learning operations per second. Multiple DRIVE PX platforms can be used in parallel to enable fully autonomous driving.

    [Ref:] http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/nvidia-unveils-supercomputer-that-could-power-first-cars-without-human-controls_uk_59de242fe4b0b26332e8548f

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    AI cars, driving on their own! somehow i don’t feel excited about it.

    A while ago I sat in a so called state of art BMW, where you set a special cruise control and AI takes over, you let go of the wheel and breaks, it tracks the road markings and had special sensors in the front and it itself breaks and manoeuvre accordingly. Most unpleasant 30 mins of my life.

    I think I will stick to a manual!

    AI computers mining for you, Oh! I like that though, like having your own special butler!

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    I agree, self driving cars is the least interesting use of machine learning, but highly profitable (to the fascist elites) for goods deliveries, mining, robot tanks and such.

    I just wish (since I started doing machine learning in 1990’s), I had an A.I. desktop. Not even a full A.I. PC operating system, although that would be nice, data fusion of my security cameras and doing research, before I need it…
    Oh, for an intelligent macro system!

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    Well, May I suggest this drama:


    It may be of interest to you but then again it may seem laughable to you, well then that’s comedy for you.

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    Most things people say about A.I. and how it will be used, I do find laughable. In that I only hear one, “Skynet”.

    If only there were a time travel “flick” in 1910 about the “Carmageddon”, we wouldn’t have cars?

    Artificial intelligent techniques do not make machines “intelligent”, just like using Artificial “muscles” in the hydraulic system of a crane makes it “alive”.

    From the papers coming through using deep learning has already, set up experiments automatically and thus allowing less stable / higher precision experiments, written new level for old video games, created novel designs , animating characters, programming, health data analysis etc.


    It is already showing to be the greatest tool ever invented by man.

    Also, laughable is how powerful machine learning is to monitor everything we do and no one understands how bad it is that level of surveillance is being in the hands of just big business and spy agencies. For instance it is possible auto categorize people into wither they are likely to vote for you, then target your “opposition” with some diversion on voting day. e.g. perhaps a targeted sale, filtering of reminders there is an election to those specific groups etc …

    So, interesting times.


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    Intel working with Facebook on chips for AI : October 18, 2017


    Intel chief Brian Krzanich said Tuesday his company is working on a super-fast chip designed specifically for artificial intelligence.

    The chipmaking giant is partnering with Facebook and other internet titans investing heavily in artificial intelligence to create the first in what will be a family of “Nervana Neural Network Processors” tailored to the needs of the emerging technology, Krzanich said during an on-stage interview at the WSJD Live conference.

    “I think we are just at the beginning of a transformation,” Krzanich said while discussing why Intel was betting on AI.

    “Artificial intelligence is going to be similar to what the internet was back in the 1990s.”

    Chips designed for AI need to deftly handle massive amounts of data and sensor input in real time.

    Cloud services have been a hotbed for AI innovation, so Intel has partnered with Facebook and other companies in that arena to build a chip tailored from the ground up to meet those needs, according to Krzanich.

    “This is the first piece of silicon,” Krzanich said. “We have a whole family planned for this, (Facebook) is helping us, along with others, as to where this is going.”

    In a separate blog post on Intel’s website, Krzanich said he believes these new chips will enabled “new classes of AI applications” to help transform health care, social media, automobiles and weather forecasting, among others.

    The new chip has been in the works for more than three years, and the first member of the new family is expected to start shipping “soon,” according to an online post by Naveen Rao, a co-founder of deep-learning startup Nervana which was bought by Intel in 2016.

    “We designed the Intel Nervana NNP to free us from the limitations imposed by existing hardware, which wasn’t explicitly designed for AI,” Rao said.

    Intel, which has been expanding beyond its core of personal computer chips in that sagging market, is keen for its technology to be an engine powering artificial intelligence and self-driving systems.

    Intel announced in September that its computing tech is being loaded into Waymo self-driving minivans as the chip giant seeks a leading position on the road to autonomous vehicles.

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