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    So it seems Bittrex has succumbed to AML/CTF/KYC pressures and is trying to force its users to:

    • Take a fresh selfie, ensure nothing is blocking a full view of your face
    • Do not use the same image from your identification documents
    • Do not use a professional profile picture
    • Do not manipulate the image of your identification in anyway. This includes adding watermarks or blacking out certain information
    • Do not crop the image of your ID such that any portion of the ID is removed including edges

    Basic Verification with just a Name, DOB and address fails with a message that reads “NO PUBLIC RECORD MATCH”.

    Are there any other platforms out there allowing FTC trading? Preferably something de-centralised…

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    Just a note re: Implementation of totalitarian brig brother style monitoring of population, and (Cough) Serco Artificial Intelligence Daemon face recognition software.


    I also notice the FBI are monitoring the content of chat apps here :


    Three men living outside the U.S. planned to attack concerts, Times Square and crowded subways in 2016 in an ISIS-inspired attack that one of the suspects said he hoped would be “the next 9/11,” authorities announced on Friday afternoon.

    The FBI said the three men — Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, a 19-year-old Canadian citizen; Talha Haroon, a 19-year-old U.S. citizen based in Pakistan; and Russell Salic, a 37-year-old orthopedic surgeon in the Philippines — allegedly used chat apps to talk about bringing a car bomb into the Crossroads of the World, gunning down subway riders before detonating vests and opening fire on concert goers in the vein of the Paris terror attacks of 2015.

    “NY Needs to fall. This is a must,” Haroon allegedly wrote in a message to an undercover agent posing as an ISIS sympathizer.

    FBI and NYPD officials told the I-Team the plot was more aspirational than operational. But according to the indictments, Al Bahnasawy, who has already pleaded guilty to multiple charges, traveled to Cranford, New Jersey, in May of 2016 and had designs on carrying out the attacks before he was cuffed by authorities waiting there for him.

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