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  • newbies | Tip dwayne

    Hi, so I’ve downloaded the Feathercoin wallet and it’s currently syncing with the network. But it looks like the passphrase has already been set… But I’m pretty sure I haven’t done this, so either once the wallet has synced there will be an option to re-set the passphrase, or I just need to delete everything and start again (wallet is empty).

    Any advice appreciated…

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter


    Welcome to the Forum.

    none of the wallets (linux, windows,mac, android) is encrypted after install.

    Questions I have:

    • What does lead you to the assumption, that the wallet is password secured?
    • can it be a left over from a previous installation? If an old wallet.dat is found in the feathercoin configuration directory, it will be used.

    If it is locked by a password, there is no way to recover the wallet without knowing the password.
    The only thing you can do then is (and accepting a loss of all coins in the wallet 😞 ):

    • Linux
      • delete the .feathercoin directory under your users home directory
      • start the wallet again. it will come up clean
    • Windows
      • delete the .feathercoin directory under your %appdata% directory
      • start the wallet again. it will come up clean
    • Mac
      • you need to find the feathercoin config directory and delete it. I’m not sure how to find it, but my guess is, that the Linux way will work
    • Android
      • remove the wallet app from your device and install it again

    I hope that helps

  • newbies | Tip dwayne

    Thanks for the reply. Yea after a bit of digging it appears I installed this before back in 2013… !! Just forgot about it. But no coin in the wallet, so no dramas! Cheers

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Great to hear no coins lost, kudos to @Wellenreiter for deducing what might have happened.