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What happened? Can't send my coins!

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    I’ve just had a head scratcher moment that revealed something interesting I hadn’t come across before.

    I was helping someone move some mined Phoenixcoins, which we’d just re-synced after finding the wallet.dat. So it was disconcerting to see this message and first thought was “on no” the wallet.dat is corrupt, or something.


    What had happened was small payments were made while mining accumulated the size of the transaction. There is also a maximum number of small transactions that can be combined.

    It has taken a while, but by sending a number of smaller transactions it was possible to accumulate some larger “dust”. I was able to reduce the fee and the shear size in kbytes also increases the transaction fee (so the transactions were quick without extra fees).

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    I had the same problem with Phoenixcoin. You need to take care, that the total size of your transactions doesn’t become to large for the next block.

    Try with smaller transaction sizes and it will work.

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    Moved topic to the Phoenixcoin category

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    This was a generic problem with any coin, especially if you are mining FTC dust, Phoenixcoin was used as an example! I’ve moved it back to FTC discussion.