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gpu programming

  • I figure this isnt a bad place to ask about gpu programming. I’m working on some massively parallel programing that i’d like to port to the amd chipset to distribute the work (cuda would work but i have lots of amd cards so… yeah) . I did a bunch of googling last night and it looks like more c# programmers (which i am) use a wrapper on the c++ amp.

    can anyone give any advice for an easy how-to place to go to get some sample code and get started. anything i need to know? i saw something about pointers being a being off limits in the kernel process you pass in. i’m guessing changing the classes and their code to structs is fine. right? or is that even a real limitation.

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    GPU programming is a rare skill, worth developing. The few people I’ve chatted to doing it keep things to their chest. Wolf has done a lot of good programing, kernels for mining on GPUs, if you see him around.

  • Yeaaa, so I work in a warehouse and I’d like to know if that was even English you spoke there.

    good luck though, it sounds like you’re trying to do more than bios mods on them.

  • @lcr11 it actually has nothing to do with cryptocurrency mining. i was working on a data mining thing (not even remotely related though they both say “mining” in them) and just want to go really wide with it.

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