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Pool Hash-rates And Solved Blocks

  • Regular Member | Tip AviationAtom

    Is there a way to see the hash-rate distribution by pool on the network? And/or which pools mined which blocks?

    Edit: Since there doesn’t seem to be one, here’s my contribution:

    6ejp6MVdCv1R4DS3kRdCibKf7TLbKknvFJ == Mining Pool Hub
    6uiFzbSUsjwtqYaZ4aoEv2UPPE5Mqozx7a == GiveMeCoins
    71WYxpxwoHKeCqCPi9rb6qVCaQsVsaSMME == Coinotron

    More as I find them, or please do add your contributions.

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD


    you can check the p2pool spread here

    and there was a place that showed the hashrate of the mining pools…I’m just trying to find it now.

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