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Big Spike...

  • | Tip jimmy24651

    What in the world would cause a spike such as this in my hash rate…??
    Is there anything I could do to maintain a rate such as this…? That sure would be a beautiful thing!!0_1511905384435_FTC.jpg

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    No. I too get these random spikes in my hashrate.

    @ghostlander might be able to explain

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Peaks in the hash rate mean you have solved less difficult jobs.

    It is possible on some miners and pools to pass a minimum difficulty to the pool, it is more advantageous and evens out the hash rate, to mine at the difficult appropriate for your card.

    In the end the value of the share is depends on how difficult, the calculation done, was.

    Pools have process with trying to align the difficult of (work) sent out with the power of the miner attached. So hash peaks should reduce with a good pool share system as it aligns what work to send.

  • | Tip jimmy24651

    @wrapper interesting…disappointing, but interesting… =o)

  • | Tip lcr11

    this is what mine looks like on 4 cards


  • | Tip jimmy24651

    @lcr11 nice…!! Hopefully in a couple weeks, I’ll be pushing 8. I have to admit, I’m dreading getting the 8 card machine up and running with all the headaches I had just to get the first two online. At least I’m stepping up to the plate with a little more experience this time!

  • | Tip lcr11

    @jimmy24651 I wouldn’t call it great, I’m running 500kh more and running 4 cards compared to two of yours.

  • | Tip jimmy24651

    Well, I am using the Strix ROG 1070’s, and from everything I’ve read, I think I made an extremely lucky guess on the first card I purchased. I haven’t seen anyone reporting anywhere near the hash rate per card that I’m getting off of these…and I’m not even overclocking them at all…

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