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Miner stopped working :(

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    Hi all,

    So I have attempted to switch my miner from Feather to UFO. I received an error mentioning ‘Unable to query number of CUDA devices! is an nVidia driver installed?’. They are installed fine and are identified by the operating system but cannot mine 😞

    I have also tried switching back to mining feather and the problem is still there. please yelp!

    Error shown as below



  • Moderators

    It’s difficult to diagnose faults from thin air. But the source code to the miner has not changed between events so is unlikely to be the direct cause.

    I would check you haven’t altered the command line, maybe missed a dash or such… It’s usually something silly.

    Maybe reboot windows, check a system update didn’t happen etc. Run a command to check the card is there? Have you a batch file that does other set variables? I’m assuming you did some of that.

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    thanks @wrapper, I think you’re right… my system needed an update… currently updating and will let you know how it goes 😃

  • Regular Member

    Thanks @wrapper , miner back online 🙂

    It just shocked me for a couple of days because it happened just as I was switching coins.


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